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Welcome to the Euclid Hunger Center

The Euclid Hunger Center has made a pledge to our community to provide quality staple foods and grocery items for Euclid residents in need.

Households that are classified as hungry are those in which adults have decreased the quality and quantity of food they consume because of lack of money to the point where they are quite likely to be hungry on a frequent basis, or in which children’s intake has been reduced due to lack of family financial resources, to the point that children are likely to be hungry on a regular basis and adults’ food intake is severely reduced.

The ability to obtain enough food for an active, healthy life is the most basic of human needs. Insecure households cannot achieve this fundamental element of well-being. They are the ones in our country most likely to be hungry, undernourished, and in poor health, and the ones most in need of assistance.  Not surprisingly, many reported having to make choices between buying food and paying for other necessities of life.
It's very simple: the Euclid Hunger Center could not operate without the many financial donors who so generously support our work. Every dollar contributed results in four meals for hungry people throughout Northeast Ohio.
Without volunteers, it would not be possible to pick-up and distribute food bi-weekly. But that is not all! Euclid Hunger Center volunteers also help with food drives, unloading food deliveries, administrative tasks and special events. We hope you will consider joining us. 

The month of October proudly marked the Euclid Hunger Center’s first month as a Choice Pantry. Clients are now able to choose which products they prefer as opposed to being handed a prepackaged bag of food items.  Read more